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Episode 89: 3D Printed Homes

Featuring Ed Macnab of 3DPHC

For Episode 89 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Ed MacNab—CEO of 3DPHC. With both new and trusted technologies, their corporation is looking forward to “printing” homes using the same technology as desktop 3D printers.

Our questions today involve leveraging extraordinary market conditions to create a revolutionary business.


(0:40) What is the backstory of how you came to develop this company?

(3:42) Why do you think Canada is further behind other countries' construction techniques?

(5:28) Has concrete printing technology caught up to Canada’s climate?

(6:10) Why are you looking to bring this technology to the market, and why now?

(7:21) How has the state of Canada’s construction industry influenced your company?

(12:50) Is there a hidden R-value in your material choice?

(15:47) What is your personal background and that of your team?

(18:50) Are you offering any prototypes at this point?

(20:13) Is there anything in Canadian housing regulations that is proving challenging to overcome?

(23:13) What lessons can you share from your entrepreneurial career?

(25:15) How do you align your social mandate with the needs of a corporation?

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Thank you for watching! To learn more about 3D printed homes or to become an early adopter, visit 3DPHC online or contact Ed MacNab via email directly.

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