We're hiring a Full Time Account Manager!

As a boutique design & marketing studio, Amplomedia leverages it’s team of creative designers, animators, copywriters, and seasoned marketing experts to craft compelling campaigns to engage audiences on behalf of our local and global clients.

The Position
We are looking for someone who is a client relationship aficionado, project management expert, and can put Mary Kondo’s organizational skills to shame (or at least try to), is that you? It could be - but we’re not looking for just anyone. Aside from the account management expertise you bring to the table, we are really looking for someone who will fit into our small group of talented designers and marketers. We are a tight-knit group who are passionate and creative. Our founder, Lance Johnson, built this company to nurture and promote these amazing qualities in all of our team members. Does that blow your hair back? Then let’s chat.

This account manager position will focus on various digital marketing activities for Amplomedia’s clients. Our promise to our clients is that we will help them generate more customers. We strategize and then execute campaigns that generate leads, nurture those leads into hot prospects, and then support their sales teams to turn those prospects into paying customers. You will work hand-in-hand with the rest of the team to ensure that all campaign objectives and timelines are met.


The obvious ones:
Client management experience combined with excellent communication skills
Project management experience
An understanding of sales & marketing funnels
The ability to work with multiple clients on multiple projects

The bonus ones:
Communications planning
Social media strategy building
Copywriting with an SEO focus
Experience with automated email platforms
An understanding of both organic and paid social media strategies
An appreciation for basic design principles
An interest in video creation and production

Amplo 2022 Names only

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