Amplify Your Business

A live web series with Lance Johnson, Founder of Amplomedia.

What do we mean by AMPLIFY Your

Amplomedia's founder and marketing veteran, Lance Johnson, will be broadcasting to a social media channel near you, providing insight into common business marketing struggles, and explaining how you can overcome them.
Throughout this video series Lance will be interviewing entrepreneurs who are in the trenches growing their businesses right now. He will unpack their common business challenges and identify the lessons every business owner needs to learn so they can accelerate their business growth.
"We get into the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to entrepreneurship," says Lance, adding, "and it's the failures that often lead to the greatest lessons, so be prepared to hear some uncomfortable and very REAL conversations about what is required to create successful businesses."
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Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In episode 63 of Amplify Your Business, Lance gives some tips and tricks about how to use video marketing in the customer's buying journey. They cover social media best practices and more!
Amplify Your Business local business marketing advice
In episode 62 of Amplify Your Business, Lance sits down with Carol Lamb of the Baking barn to talk about how she is growing her small baking business into an Alberta favourite.
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 61 of Amplify Your Business, we meet with entrepreneur Kevin Petterson to discuss how his app, Zipstall, is changing the future of parking and community engagement.
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 60 of Amplify Your Business, we're talking with local hospitality innovator Joel Hollingsworth of the Varscona Hotel and Ampersand 27 on Whyte Avenue about navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty it brings for the hospitality industry.
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 59 of Amplify Your Business, we’re talking with two incredible women, Heather Thompson and Jessica Roth, about the Making Edmonton Digital program and how it has provided support for businesses to get online during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 58 of Amplify Your Business, e’re taking our interviews offline and onsite with Darren McGeown, owner of Arcadia Brewing Co. located in the beautiful Manchester Square development near downtown Edmonton. Cheers to beers!
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 57 of Amplify Your Business, Lance meets with Alexis Hillyard from the YouTube channel, Stump Kitchen! Learn about her inspiration behind starting the Stump Kitchen YouTube channel and the business side of being a full-time YouTuber.
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 56 of Amplify Your Business, Lance meets with Edmonton singer/songwriter Dave Von Bieker. Learn how Dave has pivoted his business throughout the pandemic, and even hear a live performance of one of his songs - never done on our show before!
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 55 of Amplify Your Business Lance sits down with Jade O’Hearn, CEO & Founder of Pachira Social Enterprise. We’ll learn how Pachira works, how their team is helping small and local businesses grow their market share, and where the company’s name came from.
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 54 of Amplify Your Business Lance sits down with John Carvalho, President of Stone Oak Capital, a leading mid-market M&A advisory firm specializing in business valuation, divestiture, and acquisition advisory based in Edmonton.
The 4C Model - A Framework for Expanding Your Business
In Episode 53 of Amplify Your Business we meet with Steven Knight, Creator of Solutions & Opportunities at Mosaic Home Services. Headquartered in Edmonton, Mosaic Home Services aims to be Canada’s largest home improvement franchise network.
Amplify Your Business small business marketing advice
In Episode 52 of Amplify Your Business we interview Barry Ehlert, CEO of Windmill Golf Group. Windmill Golf owns and operates five golf courses located in and around Calgary, Alberta. Barry also talks about his newest venture called Launchpad Golf, a modern take on an old sport.

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