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Episode 130: Pinballs, Paddles, and Pints

Featuring Mathew Russel, owner of Arkadium

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For Episode 130 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by of Mathew Russel or Arkadium—a Sherwood Park-based retro arcade.

Another in-person interview! This one is complimented by the whir of pinballs, the clack of retro joysticks, and families enjoying new and old pleasures. This is a short, sweet, and fun look at what it takes to bring your nostalgia into the present day with a forward-thinking business plan that connects newcomers, hobbyists, and the community with a lovingly restored slice of the past.

To learn more, visit Arkadium Retro Arcade online.


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0:00 - Intro

0:30 - What is Arkadium?

2:25 - A unique arcade model

3:18 - The Arkadium Pinball League

5:23 - Getting Arkadium started

6:47 - The surprises of starting a new business

8:04 - The difference a million dollars can make

9:58 - Getting the word out

11:50 - The future for Arkadium

14:48 - Sussing out the competition

15:57 - Outro

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