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Episode 267: How Good Debt Can Help You Transform Your Business

Featuring Alex Mic-Podar of Backyard Bookkeeper

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In episode 267, Lance sits down with Alex Mic-Podar, the co-founder and CEO of Backyard Bookkeeper, a bookkeeping company that focuses solely on bookkeeping services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Alex has built a successful business that is dedicated to providing high-quality bookkeeping solutions to clients. Alex is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs succeed and is constantly looking for ways to scale her businesses and create job opportunities.

In this interview, Alex Mic-Podar shares her insights on entrepreneurship and the importance of financial literacy. She emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to have a good relationship with their finances and to understand the concept of good debt. Alex also advises entrepreneurs to be cautious when doing business with friends or family and to learn how to surround themselves with the right people. She discusses her plans to scale her bookkeeping company and the challenges she anticipates in acquiring other businesses. Alex also addresses the impact of AI on the bookkeeping industry and the importance of staying ahead of the technology. She emphasizes the value of systems and replicable processes in scaling a business and shares her personal journey as an entrepreneur.

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0:00:00 - Intro

0:00:22 - Three things every entrepreneur needs to know

0:02:26 - The importance of good debt in business growth

0:04:41 - Scaling a business through acquiring other businesses

0:06:03 - Backyard Bookkeeper's unique focus on bookkeeping services

0:08:32 - Plans to grow the team by acquiring other bookkeeping businesses

0:09:21 - Educating oneself and thinking outside the box for mergers and acquisitions

0:11:42 - Targeting retiring baby boomers to acquire their businesses

0:12:47 - The impact of AI on the bookkeeping industry and managing the risk

0:13:40 - The role of a good bookkeeper beyond data entry in the AI era

0:14:15 - Automation of data entry and the role of AI in accounting

0:15:21 - Working closely with AI developers to improve accounting AI

0:16:26 - AI empowering individuals to take on multiple jobs

0:17:37 - Alex's entrepreneurial journey and origins in Romania

0:20:58 - Importance of systems and hiring the right people

0:23:38 - The necessity of replicable systems for scaling a business

0:25:43 - Information about Amplify Your Business and upcoming symposium

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