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Episode 224: The Life of a Serial Entrepreneur

Featuring Jess McCarter of Base86

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For Episode 224 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Jess McCarter, co-founder and Sales & Strategy of Base86. Base86 started before the pandemic as a restaurant supply chain optimization company. They launched their first product in February 2020, and by June 2020, they lost half of their paying customers due to the decimation of the restaurant industry because of the pandemic. After meeting with their investors to brainstorm some new ideas for a company that could weather the storm of the pandemic, two investors emphatically suggested the healthcare industry. And so Base86 pivoted its area of operations to dental health care supply chain optimization instead.


Jess is a serial entrepreneur, who’s had his hands in everything from the restaurant industry to dental supply chain optimization, real estate development, technology development, and even a rideshare company called RideBid, which was a competitor of Uber and was acquired by the Bay Area Taxi Company.

To learn more, visit or follow Jess on LinkedIn.


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00:00 - Intro

02:36 - What are three things that every entrepreneur needs to know?

13:35 - What are some of the advantages of your approach to entrepreneurship?

 20:35 - How does one not allow failure to impact their psyche and instead leverage the learning that comes from that failure?

31:01 - You seem to have a tremendous amount of interests, passions, and curiosity. Is that a curse or a benefit?

40:01 - If someone wanted to connect with you, what would be the best way to do that?

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