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Episode 128: A Beaming Future

Featuring Kael Nicholson of Beamdog

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For Episode 128 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Kael Nicholson of Beamdog—an Edmonton-based video game development company.

In an industry that is fueled by large contracts, international companies, and complicated consumer marketing, sometimes it pays to be the underdog. Today we learned about how the creative and business challenges that go into a fantasy world can be even more pressing than the ones that face our listeners in seemingly “real” jobs. This is a very unique opportunity for our listeners to see the kind of labour and strategy that goes into an industry many overlook—we hope you enjoy the lessons as much as we did!

To learn more (and to try their game titles), visit Beamdog online.


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0:00 - Intro

0:50 - What is Beamdog?

2:49 - What it takes to publish a video game

7:55 - Managing long-term projects as a game developer

13:46 - How to navigate rapid growth

15:42 - Reinforcing company values

19:14 - Attracting top-quality talent

24:24 - Innovation vs. acquisition

26:48 - The future of Beamdog

33:05 - Outro

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