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Episode 152: Bitcoin Well

Featuring Adam O’Brien of Bitcoin Well

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For Episode 151 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Caitlin Fulton, owner and Chief of Operations, and Blair Lebsack, owner and Chef at RGE RD, a restaurant and butchery in Edmonton. RGE RD espouses the concept of farm-to-table, doubly so when they opted to open up their own butchery right next door to their original restaurant, despite the fact that neither owner had ever worked in retail food service before.

To learn more, visit RGE RD’s website or Instagram, and the butchery’s website or Instagram.


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0:00 - Intro

1:48 - Introduction to Bitcoin Well.

3:44 - What made you persevere?

8:43 - What is your business model?

10:20 - How does one use Bitcoin Well?

12:08 - Where can clients find your ATM’s?

13:12 - Growing organically vs acquisitions and lessons learned.

17:33 - What do you owe your success to?

18:42 - How does the value of Bitcoin relate to demand on your machines?

21:03 - Why ATM’s and not online transactions?

23:16 - Are online transactions in the near future?

28:24 - What is next for Bitcoin Well?

31:09 - Going Public!

33:03 - What advice do you have for your younger self?

25:51 - How to connect with Bitcoin Well.

43:55 - Outro

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