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Episode 93: Better Beer, Better Communities

Featuring Kirk Zembal of Blindman Brewing

For Episode 93 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Kirk Zembal—co-founder of Lacombe-based Blindman Brewing. As Blindman were early adopters of craft beer in the market, we talk about their approaches to change, growth, and navigating cutting-edge technology in their pursuit of innovation.

Our questions today involve building a collaborative approach to industry-wide problems.


(2:01) Tell us about your brewery and how it started?

(3:18) What motivated you to open your brewery in a smaller community?

(5:29) Were there any early concerns with distribution given your rural location

(7:02) Tell us about what your scaling process looked like over the years?

(8:18) Is your business growth fueled by revenue growth, or is it investment-based?

(9:45) What sort of challenges have you faced over the years?

(11:23) What lessons can you share as an entrepreneur?

(13:43) What is your distribution like

(15:42) If you could tell your younger self anything about running a business, what would you say?

(17:36) What is your relationship like in regards to competition in the craft beer industry?

(21:22) How can other industries foster the same spirit craft beer does?

(23:46) What is your plan for environmental retrofitting?

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Thank you for watching! To learn more about Blindman Brewing (or to enjoy their fantastic craft beer), check them out online, on social media, or in-person at their Lacombe location!

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