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Episode 135: The Love Business

Featuring Gay Derk, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Fantasy

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For Episode 135 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Gay Derk of Bridal Fantasy.

A lot of business is impersonal—needs being satisfied by the most efficient or cost-effective means the market allows. But for something as personal as a wedding, the entire focus needs to be on the client and their desires. That’s what makes Bridal Fantasy such an interesting company—they do the work behind the scenes so that the couples-to-be can take centre stage and truly live their dream. Derk works in the business of love, and from listening to her talk, it sounds like business is booming!

To learn more, visit Bridal Fantasy online.


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0:00 - Intro

0:47 - Becoming a business owner

3:28 - Calming chaos (in life)

5:33 - Introducing a new type of business

9:16 - The start of Bridal Fantasy

10:56 - Adapting for longevity

14:28 - What would you do differently?

16:25 - What would you say to the younger Gay?

21:42 - The impacts of COVID-19

24:38 - Outro

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