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Kerri Twigg of Career Stories

For this episode of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Kerri Twigg, Career Contentment Coach at Career Stories. Kerri is the author of The Career Stories Method, a Number One bestseller on Amazon, and is an acclaimed speaker and career coach. After stumbling upon some teachings by American mindfulness teacher and neuroscience research consultant, Shinzen Young, Kerri took to coaching others about what she calls the Five Elements of Happiness to help her clients find career contentment.


Kerri spent 25 years coaching people on how to land their dream jobs, but eventually realized that it wasn’t enough. Her clients who had gushed about their “dream job” weren’t actually happy, and neither was she. That all changed after she learned about Shinzen Young’s teachings, and began applying the Five Elements of Happiness to her own life and career. Once she began to use storytelling, mindfulness, and meditation in her own life and career to unleash her “awesome self,” and change her mindset, Kerri was able to teach others to effect that change as well. 

Kerri’s Five Elements of Happiness are Relief, Fulfillment, Self-Understanding, Mastery, and Connection. To learn more about the Five Elements of Happiness and how to use them to find happiness and fulfillment in your career, watch our podcast and then head over to Amazon and buy Kerri’s book.

To learn more, visit Kerri website, buy her book, and most of all, watch our podcast!

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0:00 - Intro

2:37 - What is Career Stories?

5:50 - The Five Elements of Happiness

7:42 - Working with entrepreneurs (it's not as different as you think)

8:54 - The pursuit of happiness (no, not the movie)

13:57 - Managing an entrepreneurial pivot

20:07 - Building mindfulness into your business

28:18 - Managing an evolving business

35:13 - How to make LinkedIn work

37:49 - Outro

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