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Episode 97: From Side Dish To Main Venture

Featuring Ameen Fadel of Cedar Valley Selections

For Episode 97 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Ameen Fadel of Cedar Valley Selections—Canada’s first retail fattoush manufacturer. As a business owner at 16, Fadel (now 22) offers us a unique glimpse into the future of Canadian entrepreneurship.

Our questions today involve the ups and downs of scaling a business from a young age.


(0:42) Tell us a bit about your business?

(3:10) Are your recipes developed from scratch, or are they sourced from family?

(5:13) What were the early days of the business like?

(7:19) Tell us about your different distribution channels?

(9:13) Are there any tips you can share for navigating Amazon as a vendor platform?

(11:07) As your business grew, have you continued to do direct-to-consumer events?

(12:07) What channels have been your most significant focus recently?

(13:23) How do you support retailers who carry you?

(15:18) Where did you acquire the knowledge to nurture a business since 16 years old?

(18:16) What are some examples of mistakes you have made along the way?

(20:50) What is going to drive your success for the next five years?

(23:45) As a young entrepreneur, what are your thoughts on social media?

(29:17) Does a strong online brand help translate to selling in large retail settings?


Thank you for watching! To learn more about the Cedar Valley Selections, visit them online or look for them in your local grocery stores!

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