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Episode 149: Clavis Studio

Featuring Aby Aiyeleye of Clavis Studio

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For Episode 149 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Aby Aiyeleye, the Co-CEO of Clavis Studio. This year, Clavis Studio won the newcomer Entrepreneur Award of Distinction from the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction, presented by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce. 


Clavis Studio is an online design platform that marries the fun of designing a space with the functionality of doing it online. Clavis Studio allows you to recreate whatever space you’re trying to design in their app, and provides you the furnishing that you need to put together your dream space before you commit to buying anything.

To learn more, visit Clavis Studio’s website at 


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0:00 - Intro

2:45 -  What makes Clavis Studio unique as a design tool?

6:45 - Did this tool take an extraordinary amount of work to put together?
8:00 - What angle did you come at the gap from? What background did you come from?

9:30 - What do your collaborations look like?

11:15 - Tell us about the newest developments and when they go live?
12:05 - What was your entrepreneurial journey?

15:05 - What is the background of your business partner?
16:00 - Was the concept for the business yours, or was it a collaboration?

16:50 - What lessons have you learned in your entrepreneurial journey?

21:32 - How to connect with Clavis Studio.

22:05 - Outro

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