Amplify Your Business


Episode 95: A Model Business

Featuring Aby Aiyeleye of Clavis Studio

For Episode 95  of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Aby Aiyeleye of Clavis Studio—a 3D rendering platform that creates a comprehensive virtual environment for interior design.

Our questions today involve balancing innovation with customer feedback.


(1:30) What makes Clavis Studio unique as a design tool?

(5:27) Did this tool take an extraordinary amount of work to put together?

(6:45) What angle did you come at the gap from? What background did you come from?

(8:15) What do your collaborations look like?

(10:00) Tell us about the newest developments and when they go live?

(10:47) What was your entrepreneurial journey?

(13:41) What is the background of your business partner?

(14:44) Was the concept for the business yours, or was it a collaboration?

(15:28) What lessons have you learned in your entrepreneurial journey?

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