Conversion Marketing

We provide you more than just a tool, we become a key part of your marketing team.  In fact, we supercharge your marketing efforts through streamlined campaign management, campaign recipes and attribution reporting while integrating with many other business, sales and marketing applications.

And we provide you superior campaign results through predictive personalization.  We do this by monitoring all the interactions your prospect has with your brand and your content.  Analyzing this engagement data allows for the creation of an “interest profile” for each prospect.  And once we know what they are interested in, we begin to dynamically change the content that is presented to them.  This way, we can deliver hyper-focused content that’s most relevant to their needs.

Greater Relevancy > Greater Engagement  > Greater Conversions

Automated email marketing calendar

Email Marketing

We connect you to your prospects, we execute customer retention campaigns and we keep people up-to-date. And because we’re tracking everything your prospects are doing, we’re even able to predict what time of day is best to send emails to each of them…automatically. So, if Dave tends to open his emails at 9 am…baaam, we deliver emails to him at 9 am. Jen opens hers at 11 pm…yep, we’re going to automatically deliver her emails at 1 pm! It doesn’t get smarter than this!

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Simplified

Amplomedia can manage all your social media campaigns, including TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. We dynamically create posts, schedule them for optimized viewing times, and measure and report on which channels are delivering you the best return. And with our in-house design experts, we’re able to position your brand in all it’s visual glory. Rest easy knowing your social ads are continuously monitored and adjusted for maximum effectiveness and superior ROI.

Automated phone call tracking

Call Tracking

Call tracking isn’t only about accurately measuring online and offline campaign performance, it’s also about running a more efficient business.  You select a local or toll free number and then we deploy your campaign and watch the phone calls roll in. Calls are automatically forwarded, without delay, to your sales or support teams, or even a specific salesperson.  Then we provide you a real-time call report with all the details: referring sources, page visits, transcripts, etc.