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Episode 170: Edmonton Global

Featuring Chris McLeod of Edmonton Global

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For Episode 170 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Chris McLeod, the Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Edmonton Global. An experienced leader and active community volunteer, Chris has a strong track record of bringing people and ideas together. He has an impressive portfolio and expertise in economic development, community-building, marketing, strategy, and business engagement.

One of the ways in which Chris strives to bring people and ideas together is by curating and developing events where the two can converge, such as Forward/Slash, happening on September 28 at the Edmonton Convention Centre. The event will bring together leaders from the political, business,  academic, and Venture Capitalist communities to help them see the possible future of the Edmonton Region in the industries of hydrogen, food & agriculture, life sciences, artificial intelligence, and global supply chain. 

To learn more, visit the Edmonton Global and Forward/Slash websites, or check out their respective social media platforms listed below.

Edmonton Global: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Forward/Slash: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.


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00:00 - Intro

00:59 - Can you tell us a little bit about the Forward/Slash event and what you’re trying to accomplish with it?

03:33 - How do you manage to gather all of these people together for an event like Forward/Slash and keep them focused?

04:28 - How long has Edmonton Global, as the regional economic development organization been around?

07:59 - Do you get a sense of urgency for the Edmonton Region to stay relevant on a global scale in some industries?

10:46 - Can you walk us through what Forward/Slash is and what it’s about, who should be there, and where they can get their tickets?

16:00 - Can you give us an example of de-risking to encourage investment?

18:16 - How can people get tickets to the Forward/Slash event?

19:08 - Outro

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