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Episode 177: Edmonton Unlimited

Featuring Catherine Warren of Edmonton Unlimited

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For Episode 177 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Catherine Warren, the CEO of Edmonton Unlimited. Edmonton Unlimited has a singular purpose: to unite a globally recognized innovation community in order to create jobs and contribute to Edmonton’s enduring economic vitality, resiliency, and identity. They do this through connecting both established businesses and startups with the resources and programs they need to learn, grow, scale, and thrive in a supportive and innovative community.


Whether you’re a student with a business idea or an established business looking to scale, Edmonton Unlimited has the resources to help you achieve those dreams.

To learn more, visit the Edmonton Unlimited website, and stay tuned to Amplomedia for more information about Launch Party 13, happening this Thursday!


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00:00 - Intro

00:43 - Can you tell me three things that you think every startup entrepreneur should know?

03:41 - If a startup comes to Edmonton Unlimted and takes advantage of all of the resources you have available, do you then connect them to this broader range of services offered to Startups in the City of Edmonton?

04:55 - How do you define a startup?

06:48 - How many organizations do you work with at any given time?

07:42 - Is there a cost for businesses to participate in any of the programs at Edmonton Unlimited?

09:24 - Can you tell me about the event you are hosting on Thursday night?

11:52 - What are the different challenges startups versus established businesses face?

15:19 - From your perspective, what is it that startups generally get wrong from a marketing perspective?

19:43 - How would you encourage a business to not get caught into too small of an echo chamber when they’re doing social listening and customer outreach?

23:14 - Do you have a sense as to how many startups there are in the Edmonton region?

27:09 - Could you list two or three businesses that have come through your doors that have made a profound impact in Edmonton?

31:13 - What is the best way for people to learn more about what’s happening with Launch Party 13 and everything else going on at Edmonton Unlimited?

32:45 - What excites you most about the position that you have as the CEO of Edmonton Unlimited?

34:47 - Outro

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