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Episode 204: Not Your Average HR Consultancy

Featuring Lindsay White of High Voltage Leadership

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For Episode 204 of Amplify Your Business, we’re presenting an ENCORE episode of Amplify Your Business Podcast, and it’s going to be a shocking one. For this encore episode, we’re joined by Lindsay White, the founder of High Voltage Leadership. High Voltage Leadership got its start in 2017 when Lindsay found herself working for a toxic leader at a financial institution. She decided that she couldn’t handle it any longer, and ultimately left that job. Lindsay went from her corporate job into a coaching certification training for a year, and from there, dove in with both feet and started her own coaching practice.

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00:00 - Intro

01:40 - Tell me a little bit about High Voltage Leadership.

04:40 - You call yourself a People Operations Expert. What does that mean?

06:39 - What are some of the secrets to becoming a high voltage leader?

07:59 - How do you merge the coaching and leadership training to help businesses navigate through leadership development and HR processes to have a successful business?

12:02 - How do you help business owners navigate through that?

14:18 - What is “positive intelligence”?

16:44 - Are your programs something that you see business owners taking on themselves, or are they incorporating team training as well?

19:40 - How can our audience connect with you?

20:33 - Outro

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