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Episode 96: Seeing Canada With New Eyes

Featuring Yuliya Cruikshank of Epic Experiences

For Episode 96 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Yuliya Cruikshank of Epic Experiences—an online service that aggregates unforgettable experiences Canada-wide.

Our questions today involve building on existing services to make them simpler, streamlined, and more profitable.


(0:39) Tell us about Epic Experiences and why you started this business?

(2:44) How does your company operate?

(4:00) How does your model differ from similar platforms like Airbnb?

(5:52) What are the advantages of the Epic Experience platform?

(8:18) How extensive is your experiences catalogue?

(8:47) What was your entrepreneurial journey?

(10:40) What entrepreneurial lessons did you learn along the way in your business?

(13:12) Has being an immigrant to Canada created any unique challenges?

(15:24) What do you think has brought you recent success?

(18:29) Has the lens of being an immigrant helped you grow this particular business?

(20:26) What has been your favourite experience in Canada?

(21:38) What are some of the lowest-price experiences and some of the highest-priced?



Thank you for watching! To learn more about their curated packages, you can visit their website and filter by your adventure level, location, and price!

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