Using video in Facebook ad campaigns.


So how do you use your video to reach beyond your existing customer and prospect database? 

Well, you have the perfect video which means you have the perfect opportunity to create new leads with a video ad campaign! The biggest pros of running an ad campaign are being able to strategically target your audience and to increase your reach and overall brand awareness.

The biggest reason to run a video ad campaign is that marketers who use video in their marketing efforts generate 49% more revenue than those who don’t. 

So, here are a few things to keep in mind as you strive to increase your revenue with video ad campaigns:

facebook video views are cheap

Facebook video ads are cheap. You can get brand exposure for less than a penny per person who views your video. That means you could get 1,000 views on your video for $10 or less. And, you have control over the type of people who are viewing your video. You pick out the audience you want to target, and that’s exactly who Facebook shows the video to. Talk about a good deal.

how to set up a facebook ad campaign to optimize for conversions

Multiple videos send your audience through the buyer journey. One of the many neat things about Facebook ad campaigns is not only can you target specific audiences, but you can also create ‘lookalike audiences’ that mirror your top buyers. Adding multiple videos to your video ad campaign enables you to target a larger audience, gain more exposure, and convert more customers!

We get it, ad campaigns and the different ad platforms can be intimidating. But that's the beauty of Facebook video ads - they don't have to be complicated or confusing. Keep it simple, know your audience, and trust video to guide prospects through their buying journey!

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