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Episode 131: Men Making A Difference

Featuring Dan Ferren, owner of Ferren Coaching

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For Episode 131 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Dan Ferren of Ferren Coaching.

Male-minded coaching offers the clients of Ferren Coaching the ability to thrive where they may not have expected. This episode speaks uniquely to all business owners, people, and entrepreneurs who want to excel and find passion in their life. No one should be afraid of a helping hand, and with this honest look at what it takes to change the lives of others, Ferren paints a picture of mutual support (personal and professional) for a brighter future.

To learn more, visit Ferren Coaching online.


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0:00 - Intro

1:21 - What is a men-only coaching business?

2:31 - An evolving practice

4:03 - Maintaining focus

6:58 - Channeling your struggles into work

9:18 - A different style to coaching

12:04 - Dealing with stereotypes

15:34 - Managing common struggles

21:30 - Opening up

25:43 - The role of a coach

27:51 - Setting the right price

31:30 - Outro

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