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Episode 175: Givens LLP

Featuring Jessica Harquail of Givens LLP

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For Episode 175 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Jessica Harquail, a partner at Givens LLP. Givens LLP is a future-focused accounting firm, based in Edmonton, Alberta, with three offices across the province. They strive to empower entrepreneurs to build profitable, scalable businesses with their innovative technology, business know-how, and solutions-driven thought leadership.


Jessica speaks about dreaming big, knowing your end game, and why partnerships make specific industries - such as law and accounting firms - successful, and how other industries can use partnerships to scale their own businesses.

To learn more, visit the Givens LLP website.


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00:00 - Intro

00:55 - What are three things that you think every entrepreneur needs to know?

04:48 - How long have you been a partner at Givens LLP?

05:07 - Can you tell me a little bit about Givens LLP and what you do?

08:12 - When you’re onboarding a new client, what are some of the commonalities you tend to discuss in terms of business growth?

10:09 - What are some of the common mistakes you see entrepreneurs make?

13:05 - When you entered into the accounting profession, was it always your intention to become a partner?

14:23 - If you think back to before you became a partner to now, how has your definition of success changed?

17:39 - Why do you think some industries - such as accounting firms and law firms - have business structures that include partners, while others don’t?

19:11 - What advice do you have for other businesses regarding leveraging partnerships within their company?

22:55 - How do you determine how many partners a firm should have and who should be elevated to partnership?

24:38 - To bring on a new partner, what needs to happen?

26:41 - Is bringing on new partners part of the Givens LLP growth strategy?

28:04 - If you were to write a letter to yourself the day that you became a partner, what is in that letter?

29:22 - If you had a million dollars right now, what do you do with it in terms of the business?

30:52 - Speaking of technology to automate workflows, how fearful are you of AI?

35:42 - What’s the best way for people to connect with you?

35:57 - Outro

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