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For Episode 165 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Matt Hampton, the founder of Headshop, and the Director of Client Engagement at Envoy. During our conversation with Matt, he explains to us what pushed him to start, how things have changed since he bought the domain more than two decades ago, and where he gets his entrepreneurial inspiration.

Though originally, Headshop dorm decor for the college stoner, in the wake of cannabis legalization in many states across the US, they’ve pivoted their products to the realm of cannabis accessories.

To learn more, visit the HeadShop website or follow them on Instagram.


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00:00 - Intro

01:03 - What do you think are the three things every entrepreneur should know?
05:05 - What is Head Shop, and what inspired you to start it?

10:00 - How was the evolution of the term “Head Shop” changed the way you market your business?

18:14 - How have you translated the typical head shop feel into a digital shop, and what do you wish you could have done sooner?

22:49 - Tell us about pivoting from a product brand to a lifestyle brand.

27:34 - Do you think there may be opportunity to move into the psychedelics space as regulations are beginning to change?

32:12 - How do you manage the risk potential of having a cannabis business with how volatile the political landscape surrounding cannabis is currently?

38:26 - Where do you go for entrepreneurial inspiration?

48:47 - How can viewers connect with you or Head Shop?

49:27 - Outro

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