How to Save Yourself From Certain Death

Picture this:

You’ve invited your client and their team to a very important meeting to pitch your ingenious idea. Your PowerPoint is up on the screen, you’re halfway through your presentation, you’re reading the slides with as much passion and charisma as you can muster…and then you hear it; a snore.

That’s right, half your audience is asleep and the other half are just plain bored. You shrink in horror and wonder why you’re not capturing their attention…

This is where Amplomedia comes in to save your message from certain death…a death by PowerPoint.

(We’re so serious about this we even have a superhero to help save you!)

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Your message has so much more depth and complexity than a PowerPoint could possibly convey. Audiences today want their information quicker and in more interesting, visual formats. There are endless statistics supporting the use of video in your marketing strategy, some of which you can check out here;

Now let’s look at this meeting again, but this time with the help of Amplomedia. Your client’s team is gathered in your boardroom, you welcome them and say a few words, and then instead of pulling up the PowerPoint presentation the clients are expecting, you press play on your video. Now you’ve peaked their interests with this unexpected platform, you’ve captured their attention, you’ve conveyed your message in an unique way, you’ve engaged your audience…and you likely closed the deal!

This is why the team at Amplomedia exists; to help you connect with your client in a unique and engaging way. We appreciate the complexity of your message and want to do everything in our power to ensure the impact of that message is not lost on your audience by using a dreaded whiteboard, printed package or PowerPoint.

Check out the many businesses we’ve saved from death by PowerPoint. We’d love to help save you too!