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Episode 265: The Secrets to Scaling a Business Without Going into Debt

Featuring Ashley McKarney of Involvi HR

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In episode 265, Lance sits down with Ashley McKarney, the founder and president of Involvi, an HR consulting firm. With a background in people operations, Ashley is passionate about improving employment relationships and helping leaders become better people leaders. 

In this interview, Ashley shares her insights on what every entrepreneur needs to know, including the importance of valuing your time, being flexible and innovative, and understanding “your why” as an entrepreneur. She also discusses the services offered by Involvi, which include HR support, customized learning and development, and recruitment. Ashley emphasizes the importance of trust in her industry and how Involvi differentiates itself by providing customized solutions and working with clients to navigate the gray areas of compliance and legislation. She also shares her experience of scaling the business and the key factors that contributed to its success, including a strong team, intentional networking, and a focus on building trust with clients.

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0:00:00 - Intro 

0:00:47 - Three things every entrepreneur needs to know

0:02:36 - Overview of Involvi and the problems it solves

0:03:56 - How Involvi stands out from other HR companies

0:06:35 - Ashley's motivation to start her own business

0:07:47 - Challenges and support during the early stages of the business

0:09:54 - Factors contributing to the success of Involvi

0:11:09 - Importance of networking and building relationships

0:12:49 - Focus on providing value and solutions to clients

0:14:44 - Advice for building a great team

0:16:01 - Importance of transparency and flat hierarchy within the team

0:17:45 - Challenges of maintaining open communication as the business grows

0:20:11 - Imparting vision and values through personal interactions

0:21:19 - Involving the team in creating the company's vision and values

0:22:26 - Intentionally separating the business from personal brand for scalability

0:24:02 - Considering options for future growth as an entrepreneur

0:25:09 - Transitioning from being the practitioner to scaling the business

0:29:37 - Building a business without going into debt

0:30:02 - Self-funding and wise spending to avoid unnecessary costs

0:32:28 - Advice for her younger entrepreneurial self

0:34:41 - Outro

Amplify Your Business: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Growth


Welcome to Amplify Your Business, where entrepreneurship and growth take center stage. In this episode, we talk with Ashley McCarney, founder and president of Involvi, an innovative HR consulting firm. Ashley shares her entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the quantifiable value of time, the need for flexibility, the power of understanding one's "why," and the unique approach that sets Involvi apart.

Focus on Strengths

During her interview, Ashley highlights the importance of valuing time as an entrepreneur. Delegating tasks efficiently allows entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths and maximize productivity. As Ashley suggests, recognizing when to seek help can significantly impact business efficiency.

Embrace the Unexpected

Entrepreneurship demands adaptability and innovation. Ashley encourages entrepreneurs to be flexible, nimble, and open to innovation. Embracing the unexpected ensures staying ahead in the dynamic business landscape, fostering creativity and problem-solving.

Discover Your Why

Understanding one's "why" is one of the most important aspects of attaining success as an entrepreneur. Ashley stresses the significance of identifying the purpose behind the journey. A clear "why" not only provides direction but also inspires employees and clients to align with the entrepreneur's vision.

Tailored HR Consulting

Involvi redefines HR consulting by offering personalized services to small and medium-sized businesses. The firm's commitment to customization and flexibility distinguishes it in the industry. Ashley emphasizes the importance of building trust and empowering people leaders to create a positive work environment.

Networking and Relationships

Intentional networking and relationship-building are fundamental to Involvi's success. Ashley discusses the importance of authentic connections and active listening. Building a strong network is vital for expanding reach and creating opportunities in the business world.

The Key to Rapid Growth

Involvi's rapid growth can be directly attributed to Ashley's focus on building a strong, collaborative team. Empowering team members and involving them in decision-making processes create a dedicated workforce aligned with the company's mission and values.

Transitioning to Leadership

The transition from founder to leader requires transparency and trust. Ashley advises entrepreneurs to communicate effectively with clients during this process, ensuring a smooth transition. Patiently trusting and empowering team members is the key to successfully navigating this shift.

Self-Funding and Organic Growth

Involvi's remarkable success is self-funded without any debt – a testament to Ashley's careful financial management and commitment to organic growth. Reinvesting profits into the business and team allows for sustainable growth while maintaining control and core values.

Passion, Flexibility, Trust

In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, Ashley's journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to the power of passion, flexibility, and trust. By understanding her "why" and focusing on her strengths, she has built a successful business that is redefining HR consulting. As Involvi continues to make work a better place and help businesses thrive, Ashley's journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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