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Episode 136: Managing Risky Business

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For Episode 136 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Julie Shipley-Strickland—Senior Wealth Advisor at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth and owner of JSS Wealth & Risk Management.

Risk can equal reward when it comes to running your business—you just want to make sure you have someone like Julie keeping an eye on the horizon. Risk management involves the present as much as it does the future, and for maintaining a strategic eye of your operations that still leaves room for dreaming up a bold new future, the importance of wealth management expertise cannot be overstated. This episode is definitely for owners who want to see tremendous success as their business grows, especially in terms of efficient money management.

To learn more, visit Julie Shipley-Strickland’s personal wealth advisor page online!


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0:00 - Intro

0:21 - Meet Julie

3:26 - Ups and downs

5:29 - Getting into wealth management

8:27 - Managing volatility

12:55 - Investing for entrepreneurs vs. non-entrepreneurs

19:42 - Buying investments in your business

24:13 - Managing a successful exit

27:17 - Outro

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