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Episode 92: Spinning Quite The Yarn

Featuring Kim Heron of Little Blue Fibre Studio

For Episode 92 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Kim Heron of Little Blue Fibre Studio—a fibre art store focusing on handmade products for textile newcomers and enthusiasts.

Our questions today involve leveraging a streamlined budget to achieve big walk-in traffic—even in inclement market conditions.


(2:04) What is the backstory of your business?

(3:39) How did you grow your audience during these past two years of the pandemic?

(5:12) Who is your target audience, and how do you reach them?

(8:42) What were the biggest challenges for you as a new entrepreneur?

(11:24) What are your inventory processes like?

(13:25) Are there any marketing challenges you’d like to discuss, given Amplomedia’s background?

(22:31) Is there an opportunity in your industry to leverage cross-promotion?

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Thank you for watching! To learn more about Little Blue Fibre Studio online or in-store at 6718 101 Ave NW in Edmonton.

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