Amplify Your Business


Episode 116: Managing Expectations

Featuring Salim Dharssi of Managemate

For Episode 116 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Salim Dharssi of Managemate—a comprehensive tool for turning everyday condo board owners into high-powered decision makers. There is no shortage of project management tools out there, but Managemate finds a niche where few others go. Inside today’s episode is a success story about listening to an underserved market and setting out to create the best tool possible. And isn’t that just the heart of entrepreneurship?

To learn more about Managemate and to schedule your demo, visit them online!


0:00 - Intro

0:37 - What is Managemate?

2:22 - What sets Managemate apart?

5:16 - Discovering a unique opportunity

6:56 - Starting an entrepreneurial fire

9:24 - How hands on is Salim?

11:25 - Building a business off the side of your desk

13:21 - Learning to take risks

19:52 - Getting to the next stage

23:14 - Setting the right priorities

24:46 - Overcoming marketing challenges

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