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Episode 144: Manning Canning

Featuring Christine Manning of Manning Canning

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For Episode 144 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Christine Manning, the co-founder of Manning Canning, an organization that operates a commercial kitchen that they lease out to other consumer packaged goods businesses. Manning Canning also creates their own line of jams, pickles, and drinks.


Christine tells us how she accidentally stumbled into entrepreneurship, her journey from following her mother’s canning recipes in her backyard preserving business to owning a commercial kitchen, and the top three things she thinks every entrepreneur should know.

To learn more, visit the Manning Canning Kitchen today.


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0:00 - Intro

0:28 - Top 3 things entrepreneurs should know

2:58 - What inspired Manning Canning?

5:09 - How did the commercial kitchen come to be?

7:53 - How many businesses have grown through your kitchen?

9:18 - How do you build community?

12:30 - What inspired your product line progression?

15:30 - What did you learn through growing your product line?

17:40 - What did you learn dealing with consumer packaged goods?

20:40 - What advice would you give to your entrepreneurs?

24:48 - What advice would you give yourself when you started?

27:00 - Outro

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