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Episode 139: A Thousand Words

Featuring Abi Ajibola of Memoirs Photography

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For Episode 139 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Abi Ajibola of Memoirs Photography.

“Come and be a celebrity for a day.” That’s the motto that helps Abi Ajibola turn everyday shoots into unforgettable portraits for her clients. As a fan of elevating experiences through beauty and connection, she brings joy to her clients that shines through in both her prints and her plans for growing the business—something that’s even more impressive to accomplish as a new Canadian citizen!

To learn more, visit Memoirs Photography online.


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0:00 - Intro

0:54 - What Abi thinks every entrepreneur needs to know

5:25 - What is Memoirs Photography?

7:11 - The Impact of the iPhone and the art of photography

11:37 - Turning a hobby into a business

15:37 - Overcoming the (seemingly) impossible

20:06 - Branching out and moving up

25:08 - How to start your day off right

28:05 - Outro

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