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Episode 145: Mystica Entertainment

Featuring Heather Mclaren of Mystica Entertainment

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For Episode 145 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Heather McLaren, co-founder of Mystica Entertainment. McLaren is an adrenaline junkie who fell into entrepreneurship through volunteering for event band changeover, which ultimately led her on her journey to co-founding Mystica Entertainment.


In our interview with Heather, we talk about her foray into rave culture, the COVID-19 Pandemic, the entertainment industry as a whole, and hear her three things that every entrepreneur should know.

To learn more, visit Mystica Entertainment’s website, or join the party over at their Instagram.


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0:00 - Intro

0:27 - What should entrepreneurs know about the entertainment industry?

4:28 - Why did you choose the events business?

9:15 - How did Mystica Entertainment evolve?

11:07 - What impact did Covid have?

12:53 - How did you navigate the impact?

14:47 - How has Mystica Entertainment changed since?

16:48 - How did you scale your business?

19:52 - If you could, what advice would you give yourself when you started?

21:12 - The difficulties of entrepreneurship.

22:12 - What does success look like now?

24:25 - Given the choice, who would you want as your business partner?

26:40 - Outro

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