Amplify Your Business


Episode 90: Snack Happy

Featuring Rhonda Goldberg of Oh! Naturals

For Episode 90 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Rhonda Goldberg of Oh! Naturals—specialists in healthy, flavourful, and inventive “chips” that are as healthy as they are crave-curbing.

Our questions today involve how you translate a passion for dietary health into an international enterprise.


(1:06) Tell us about how you came up with your flavours?

(3:37) How did you come across sweet potato fries as a product? 

(6:06) Tell us about your Universal Women’s Network Certification?

(7:09) What does it mean to be a certified woman-owned business?

(9:50) Tell us about the early days of the company?

(15:31) How large is your current market?

(21:39) What lessons have you learned about acquiring and retaining retailers?

(25:20) How do you manage your inventory and expiry dates as a small business?

(27:36) Is there anything you would have done differently with your current knowledge?

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Thank you for watching! To get in touch with Rhonda (or to try some flavours yourself), you can email her or visit their shop online.

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