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Episode 216: The Power of Peer Networks

Featuring Kit Lisle of

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For Episode 216 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Kit Lisle, the founder and moderator of the Acting through their Strategic Growth Council, the is a peer community of private equity backed C-level executives that are ready to act as a board of advisors for SMBs that need that network to help solve strategic growth dilemmas that will allow them to grow and thrive. They match clients with the best peer group for their industry and provide a safe, confidential, trustworthy environment, as well as experienced moderating using a format proven to drive results.


In addition, the, in itself, is an online community where executives can go to bounce questions off of one another. They also hold annual events that allow private equity backed executives to get together and network with one another.


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00:00 - Intro

01:11 - What are the three most important things that every entrepreneur needs to know?

05:30 - Tell me a little bit about the

15:10 - Did the idea of the come out of a need that you had?

19:00 - What did you find the most challenging with this startup versus your previous experience as an entrepreneur?

23:02 - Has it been a struggle to build both sides of the market at the same time?

27:11 - How do you determine what success looks like?

31:32 - What do you feel is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to achieving growth?

35:39 - How can our audience members connect with you?

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