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Like most of the entrepreneurs we chat to, Pierce’s journey to success was no walk in the park. So, how did this “underdog” go from inattentively taking things day-by-day at his 9 to 5 to starting, selling, and owning his own businesses? 

We find out all that and more in today’s entrepreneur story! From the importance of hard work and dedication to the power of self-belief and naivety to perfection being the enemy of execution, Pierce has incredible insights for those looking to take their own leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship.

What are three things every entrepreneur should know?

Pierce took his time answering this first question, clarifying that he wanted to make sure that he got it right. He began by stating the importance of hard work, something he’s learned about through his own experiences as he was always the “underdog” that had to work twice as hard to achieve his goals. 

Pierce believes that there is a big difference between what he calls 9-5 money and 7-7 money and so for him it’s always been about working hard and overcoming objections. This led Pierce to explain his belief that “perfection is the enemy of execution.” 

He explained this further by saying that he has failed countless times. The point is not to never fail, it is simply to get out there and try things. Pierce has found through trying different things, and failing often, that overanalyzing is counterproductive to success. 

His third and final point, one we’ve all likely heard before, was that “knowledge is power.” He elucidated that something he often says is that the day he truly learned how to learn was pretty powerful. He skated his way through school on the average side of performance but this didn’t stop him from discovering his passion for business and creation which ignited a desire to learn. 

Pierce found that by immersing himself in books and podcasts, his knowledge base grew rapidly. He also sought guidance from other sources like Tony Robbins, adopting different techniques and strategies that helped him become a better business owner.

What problem does your business solve and who are its customers?

Pierce’s business, Insurely Inc., is solving the problem of tedious, inconvenient insurance processes through an online platform that caters to consumer behaviour. Pierce recognized the need for a more efficient and user-friendly insurance experience after owning traditional brick-and-mortar insurance brokerages.

Insurely's commitment to exceptional customer service is the secret ingredient in their recipe to success amid other insurance providers. Pierce acknowledges that the general perception of insurance is often negative, and many people find it challenging to understand the complexities of insurance policies. Additionally, Pierce let us in on the fact that most insurance brokers are often understaffed, resulting in long wait times and frustration for customers.

To address these issues, Insurely prioritizes customer service as its guiding light. The company aims to be the Disneyland of customer service, going above and beyond to provide a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable experience - something everyone desperately wants from their insurance provider. 

Despite the use of technology for quick online quotes and transactions, Insurely ensures that there is human interaction throughout the process because Pierce recognizes the importance of human connection in building trust. Their agents, called “insurely guides,” are dedicated to assisting customers and acting as personable individuals who guide and serve them.

Insurely's competitive edge lies in its ability to provide instant insurance rates through its connections with insurance companies. Customers can receive quotes, make purchases, and have the opportunity to engage with the company's agents who are always available to help. 

Insurely strives to minimize wait times, avoid dropped calls, and keep voicemail percentages as low as possible with a specific focus on excellent personable customer service.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Pierce was inspired to become an entrepreneur by his upbringing on a small farm - and the excellent work ethic it instilled in him. When he moved away from the farm at the age of 18, he tried various jobs that led him to the insurance industry. However, the typical 9-to-5 job didn't fully satisfy his desire to work and he found himself with extra time and energy on his hands. 

Recognizing his passion for work and his drive to excel, at the age of 25, Pierce took a leap of faith and quit his job to start his own company. Despite being relatively young and inexperienced, he was determined and willing to take risks. He used his credit cards to fund his entrepreneurial ventures and started building his businesses from his kitchen table. 

Looking back, he acknowledges that starting a company from scratch would be more challenging now, but at that time, he had fewer obligations and could focus on making his ventures successful. Regardless, Pierce's determination and self-belief were two of the keys that opened his path to entrepreneurial success. 

If someone had given you a million dollars when you first started your business, what would you have spent it on?

If someone had given Pierce a million dollars when he first started his business, he would have used the money to hire people more skilled than himself. Having previous experience in the insurance industry, Pierce recognizes the value of knowledge and expertise in building a successful company. 

With the million dollars, he would have been able to assemble a highly capable team to complement his own skills and drive the business forward at a faster pace.

Pierce believes that the limitations of his previous ventures stemmed from trying to do everything himself due to financial constraints and the desire to preserve his vision. By investing in a solid, skilled team, he would be able to leverage their expertise and scale the business more effectively.

What is your proudest accomplishment as an Entrepreneur?

Pierce doesn't have a specific proudest achievement as an entrepreneur. He describes himself as being someone who consistently looks ahead at how they can progress even further - citing the "achiever's curse" of always focusing on the next thing. 

That being said, Pierce takes pride in building and exiting some of the companies he has established throughout his entrepreneurial journey. The ability to create and grow successful ventures is a significant accomplishment for him. 

However, Pierce does recognize and emphasize that it's the overall journey that he finds truly remarkable and fulfilling. He shared a poignant story that highlights his mindset as an entrepreneur. Five years ago, Pierce wrote a note to himself, which unexpectedly popped up in his Outlook calendar recently. 

In the note, he described a stressful moment where he was contemplating a business decision and worrying about the financial implications. However, when he read the note in the present, he realized that the problem he had been stressing over was now trivial. 

Since then, he had experienced tremendous personal growth, started a family, moved houses, and embarked on various business endeavors and has already written another note to himself, outlining his aspirations for the upcoming five years. The reflection on his past journey and the natural progression he has witnessed motivates him to continue pushing forward in his entrepreneurial pursuits.

What big goals are you looking to achieve?

One of Insurely Inc’s., main goals is to expand their operations further east in Canada. After successfully establishing their presence in Ontario, one of the country's largest markets, Pierce aims to replicate their customer-centric approach in other Canadian provinces. 

In addition to geographical expansion, Pierce is focused on enhancing the overall customer experience with visions of reducing friction and improving conversion rates within Insurely's system. To achieve this, the company is implementing various initiatives, such as incorporating more human connection through videos and FAQs on their website. 

They aim to provide multiple communication channels, including text and email, to make it as convenient as possible for customers to engage with Insurely. By combining technology with personalized interaction, Pierce intends to create a seamless and user-friendly insurance experience.

With more focus on company culture than material goals, Pierce aspires to build an iconic brand and an amazing work environment for the team. This involves cultivating a supportive community where employees' professional and personal goals are both recognized and encouraged. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Insurely Inc. also has plans to collaborate with different industries, such as real estate, property management, and mortgage brokers. By integrating insurance seamlessly into these transactions, they aim to simplify the insurance process and make it easily understandable for customers. Pierce wants to break down the perceived complexity of insurance and make it accessible to everyone.

From slaving away at a farm, to skating by at school, to simply doing what needs to be done at a 9 to 5, to finding his passion in creating and running a business - this is the journey Pierce has been on that led him to entrepreneurial success. 

Did your journey take similar turns? Were your inspirations, setbacks, and realizations similar - or vastly different? We’d love to discuss your answers to these questions and more, connect with us today to share your own entrepreneur story!


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