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Episode 118: Growing Protein

Featuring Jamie Draves of Quinta Quinoa

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For Episode 118 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Jamie Draves, President and CEO of Quinta Quinoa—an all-Canadian quinoa producer whose benefits are as shocking as their story.

From health challenges came an important discovery—that quinoa has the potential to stave off even life-threatening conditions for some Canadians. Draves then took his life-affirming attitude to an even further conclusion by establishing a country-wide program for growing, packaging, and delivering local nutrition like no one has experienced before.

To learn more, and to find Quinta Quinoa near you, visit them online!


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0:00 - Intro

1:06 - The backstory of Quinta Quinoa

2:25 - Why is quinoa so healthy?

6:47 - Growing the seeds of Quinta Quinoa

10:02 - How do you make a tasty quinoa?

11:54 - The challenges of the quinoa business

15:52 - Planning for the future (of quinoa)

21:17 - Balancing brick-and-mortar and online sales

25:45 - Outro

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