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Episode 91: Synthetic Cities, Real Results

Featuring Myrna Bittner of RUNWITHIT Synthetics

For Episode 91 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Myrna Bittner—CEO & Founder of RUNWITHIT Synthetics. Her team generates AI entities that make choices based on programmable city conditions, resulting in “synthetic populations” as an invaluable tool for planners to understand how their proposals will play out in the real world.

Our questions today involve bridging a highly technical application with market appeal and general usability.


(1:05) How would you explain your business and what it offers to customers?

(2:32) How do you develop “synthetic cities,” and how do they operate?

(7:20) Are policymakers your primary target to sell to?

(8:20) Are you currently working in the Edmonton region as well as global?

(8:50) How did you end up in this role and industry?

(11:00) How did your personal curiosity influence your entrepreneurial journey?

(13:32) How did this company, in particular, grow to its current scale?

(15:05) Has your revenue focus helped you attract the attention of more favourable external funding partners?

(17:34) Are there any influential moments you’d like to share from your entrepreneurial career?

(20:20) Tell us about how your social commitments to indigenous and female professionals shaped your company?

(22:47) Has your woman-focused culture helped drive your sales?

(26:32) Are there any learning opportunities you can share with our audience?

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Thank you for watching! To learn more about  RUNWITHIT Synthetics and its offerings, visit the company online.

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