Amplify Your Business


Episode 94: Keep It Simple

Featuring Afton Brazzoni of Scribe National

For Episode 94 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Afton Brazzoni—founder of content marketing company Scribe National. They focus on content writing that helps build meaningful strategies in the B2B space—an industry filled with notoriously complex sales cycles.

Our questions today involve the value of high-quality content.


(0:48) What do you do at Scribe National?

(2:25) What are the biggest dos and don’ts of content marketing?

(3:46) How do you coach people to be better content marketers?

(6:26) What are some of the things people should avoid when marketing?

(10:07) What was your entrepreneurial journey like?

(12:11) At the moment when you decided to work for yourself, how did you feel?

(13:20) Did the pandemic help shift businesses to online marketing channels?

(15:20) What sets your content writing apart from other companies?

(18:07) What lessons have you learned in your journey?

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Thank you for watching! To learn more about Scribe National and their work, visit their website or connect with Afton on LinkedIn!

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