Your marketing should

stand out

even if the sales process doesn't change.

Learn how we generate more leads for your business.


Focus on closing the sale, not generating leads.

Most small and medium-sized businesses struggle to generate enough leads to meet their sales goals. And when they do deploy lead generation tactics, they have a difficult time determining which leads are the "hot ones" and waste valuable time chasing after leads that may not convert.

At Amplomedia, we will fill your funnel with new leads, use sophisticated tracking and engagement tools to automatically nurture them into warm leads, and then immediately alert you when they are ready to purchase. Your sales team is then provided a detailed history of every interaction the lead has had with your content, making reaching out to them, and closing them a breeze!

Now your sales team won't need to spend their valuable time prospecting and nurturing. Instead, they can focus on selling. What a novel idea!

Sound complicated? It is.

(But that's why we're here)

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We provide you with more than just a tool, we become a key part of your marketing team.

In fact, we supercharge your marketing efforts through streamlined campaign management, campaign recipes and attribution reporting; while integrating with many other businesses, sales, and marketing applications.

And we provide you superior campaign results through predictive personalization. We do this by monitoring all the interactions your prospect has with your brand and your content. Analyzing this engagement data allows for the creation of an "interest profile" for each prospect. Once we know what they are interested in, we begin to dynamically change the content that is presented to them. This way, we can deliver hyper-focused content that's most relevant to their needs.

So, let's talk tactics.

But not all of them... for that, you'll have to call us so that we can chat about what is best for your brand.

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We connect you to your prospects, we execute customer retention campaigns, and we keep people up-to-date. And because we're tracking everything your prospects are doing, we're even able to predict what time of day is best to send emails to each of them... automatically. So, if Dave tends to open his emails at 9 am...baaam, we deliver emails to him at 9 am. Why? Because we want to get your message to Dave right when he's ready for it, increasing the chance he acts on it.

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We can manage all your social media campaigns, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram! We dynamically create posts, schedule them for optimized viewing times, and measure and report on which channels are delivering you the best return. And with our in-house design experts, we're able to position your brand in all its visual glory. Rest easy knowing your social ads are continuously monitored & adjusted for maximum effectiveness & superior ROI.

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When your audience is looking to buy, you want your product to be the first (and last) thing that they see. It's really tough to get your website on to the first page of Google Search Results, let alone into the top spot. Enter PPC (pay-per-click) ads! We design video, text, display, and shopping ad campaigns that place your product or service right where it needs to be, at exactly the right time, to help you increase sales. Then, we manage your ads to keep your costs down & ROI up!

Of course, none of this is complete without a killer website that's optimized for conversions. If you think your site could use a little TLC, head over here.

So, do you want to work together
to make your marketing stand out?

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