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Episode 113: Simulating the Unimaginable

Featuring B. McKay Byam, MD of SimTec MD

For Episode 113 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by B. McKay Byam of SimTech MD—a company that is using virtual reality to transform the everyday experiences of medical patients, students, and professionals. After all, when you can’t afford to fail in a high-risk environment like healthcare, how else can you safely provide world-class training than in a virtual setting? McKay walks us today through the points of leverage, interest, and challenge for this new type of business.

To learn more about how medical training is evolving with VR, visit SimTec MD online.


(1:23) Why did you start this company, and what is it you do?

(3:11) Do you think that medical training needs to evolve?

(5:06) What makes it so difficult to perform medical training?

(7:42) When did you start SimTec MD?

(10:15) You're stepping away from medicine to go down the entrepreneurial route. Why have you made this decision?

(14:24) You're using an innovative way to secure funding, can you walk me through that?

(23:45) You say this learning is provided via virtual reality. How do students access it?

(25:57) How did you discover this financial model, and what led you to the decision to use such a unique model?

(28:24) Do you have a product on the market yet?

(29:57) What challenges do you expect to face within the next 5 years?

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