Episode 19: Video Marketing Mistakes

video marketing mistakes

In Episode 19 of Amplify your Business, Lance Johnson shares a few common video marketing mistakes and what to do instead when producing video to promote your brand. Check out this week’s episode to ensure you aren’t wasting your video marketing resources.

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Episode 15: Amplify Your Message With Video

Amplify your message with video

In Episode 15 of Amplify Your Business, Lance Johnson welcomes special guest, Jesse Syzmanski, founder of Modern Muse Media, to discuss the secret to successfully using video production to amplify your business’s message. Here’s a hint… it’s the power of storytelling.

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Episode 10: How to Level Up Your Video Calls

level up your video calls

In Episode 10 of Amplify Your Business Lance Johnson dives into some of our best tips on how you can level up your video calls and make a solid impression from the comfort of your own home. Just because we’re working from home, doesn’t mean quality should suffer!

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4 Video Creation Ideas That Will Save You Time & Money!

4 video creation ideas to save you time and money

The uncertainty of our economy has dominated the conversation in recent months. In these turbulent times, business owners are forced to economize, to trim the fat, to get back to basics.But how do we do that without undermining our marketing strategies and jeopardizing ROI? We hunt for budget solutions. And because video marketing has such…

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Content Marketing is a B$@#h! Here’s How to Ease the Pain.

how to make content marketing easier

I’m just going to throw something out there…creating content can be a b@#!h sometimes. You spend days locked in strategy meetings brainstorming new ideas, hours scouring the internet for new articles and an embarrassingly long time pretending you’re looking for things to post but you’re literally tapped out (not like I’ve ever done that or…

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51 Uses for Video in Marketing

51 uses for video

Not sure how to incorporate video into your marketing strategy? Or maybe you think video is one-dimensional? Check out this infographic we created that shows 51 different ways to use video marketing – and trust us, this is not an exhaustive list! Don’t forget to share with your network as well.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Video Landing Pages

video on landing pages best practices

Your company has decided to invest in video marketing to support an upcoming promotional campaign. You’ve rallied your troops, planned the content, breezed through the video production process and now you’ve got your totally amazing video sitting in your hot little hands! So what do you decide to do with it? If you’re like many,…

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