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Episode 120: Your Virtual Budtender

Featuring Peter Kasper of Terpli

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For Episode 120 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Peter Kasper —Founder & CEO of Terpli.

Biochemistry is complex—what isn’t is your own sense of “yuck” or “yum.” That’s the simplicity behind Terpli and their AI-driven cannabis database. Users can input desired traits, reviews, and any other considerations they have towards their cannabis choices and Tepli will scan the market using their E-commerce tools to find you the perfect fit. We’ll be blunt—this is pretty neat stuff. We hope you enjoy the story!

To learn more, visit Tepli online today!


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0:00 - Intro

0:34 - What is Terpli?

1:38 - Navigating complex regulations

4:35 - Finding opportunity in uncertain times

9:48 - Every startup has its challenges

14:52 - Securing the right financing

18:23 - Building (and using) an advisory board

22:00 - Effectively transitioning a business model

29:29 - Bringing Terpli to Canada/Outro

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