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Episode 122: A Little Off The Top

Featuring Danielle Cherewyk of The Headroom

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For Episode 122 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Danielle Cherewyk—Founder & CEO of The Headroom.

As a second-generation stylist who loves both the hands-on aspects of the job and the gloves-off side of business ownership, Cherewk’s story takes some interesting turns. Instead of hearing about hair spray and toner, we’re going to be talking about shares, employee buy-ins, and the complexity of retaining great hires for life. Not because Lance is bald, but because it’s more interesting. We promise.

To learn more (and to get a fresh new look the next time you’re in Grand Prairie), visit The Headroom online.


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0:00 - Intro

1:52 - What is The Headroom?

3:40 - What makes The Headroom unique?

6:04 - Employee ownership at The Headroom

16:35 - Lessons in employee ownership

19:26 - Clockworking your business

25:34 - Finding business efficiencies

28:19 - Implementing a new methodology

32:21 - Outro

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