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Episode 123: Elevating, Inspiring, and Automating

Featuring Ally Stone of The Inspired Leader

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For Episode 123 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Ally Stone—founder & CEO of The Inspired Leader.


Elevating leadership is an intensely personal journey—it involves amplifying the best traits of yourself and silencing all the doubts that might hold you (and your team) back. In “inspiring” you to find the upwards trajectory that’s latent in anyone, Stone’s work inside the hospitality industry and beyond speaks to how much we can accomplish when we let our strengths speak for us—as today’s episode will show you through so many light and dark turns.

To learn more about the “new way of leading,” visit The Inspired Leader online.


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0:00 - Intro

1:13 - Starting an entrepreneurial journey

3:48 - Building a brand as a franchisee

6:23 - Running a successful franchise

9:28 - Giving back to the community

14:19 - Managing relationships in a family business

23:04 - Entrepreneurship as a woman

30:24 - What is The Inspired Leader?

34:52 - Outro

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