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Episode 124: Cleaning Up The Industry

Featuring Eric Velez-Chula and Justin John of The Woods

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For Episode 124 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Eric Velez-Chula and Justin John of The Woods Cannabis.

Like any other hobby, you get what you put into it. For The Woods and their journey from cleaning chemical manufacturers to cannabis retailers, that meant analyzing the consumer journey from the standpoint of elevating everyday habits into healthier rituals. It’s even better when you get to do it with your best friend—it doesn’t hurt when they’re a chemical engineer, either!

To learn more, visit The Woods Cannabis online.


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0:00 - Intro

4:17 - How did The Woods get started?

8:36 - Creating a great retail experience

14:44 - Marketing a cannabis store

17:26 - Managing the competition

22:05 - Profit sharing in a retail business

28:35 - What would The Woods do differently?

30:57 - Outro

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