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Episode 121: Riding Out The Green Wave

Featuring Keenan Pascal of Token Naturals

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For Episode 121  of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Keenan Pascal—CEO and Founder of Token Naturals.

Don’t be fooled by the steady tone of voice and authoritative understanding of the cannabis space. Keenan Pascal is still very much eyeing the future eagerly as Token Naturals expands, pivots, and continually shifts to meet ever-changing market demands. From bitters to cannabis to whatever else Edmonton needs, this smart group of even smarter owners are helping businesses across Canada take their products from idea to the commercial stage.

To learn more and connect with their turn-key services, visit Token Naturals online!


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0:00 - Intro

0:50 - What is Token Naturals?

4:00 - Drawing on past experience

8:54 - Using an advisory board

10:51 - Realizing new opportunity

14:09 - Refining your processes

16:27 - Navigating cannabis regulation

18:53 - Growing a product offering

23:54 - Learning from your mistakes

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