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Episode 178: Tradle

Featuring Blyth Gill of Tradle

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For Episode 178 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Blyth Gill, the founder and CEO of Tradle. Tradle strives to make parenting easier for parents of young children who tend to outgrow clothes very quickly, often before they’ve even had the chance to wear them. So instead of buying clothes, Tradle allows parents to have high quality clothes with the convenience of being able to return them and not worry about where they go after their children have outgrown them. They are keeping clothes in circulation as long as possible, reducing the need to always be manufacturing more clothes. 


Tradle helps parents have a convenient clothing system of constantly circulating clothing for their children, while also helping brands keep their items in circulation as long as possible. It pushes brands to make clothing more durable and last for a long time. It’s the opposite of the new fast fashion trend while focusing on sustainability and durability, and taking some of the stress out of new parenthood.

To learn more, visit the Tradle website or check them out on Instagram.


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00:00 - Intro

01:25 - Can you tell the audience what you think three key things are that every entrepreneur should know?

03:52 - In terms of your business and your experience right now with Tradle, can you speak a bit more, what have you experienced from the ecosystem of small business support we’re seeing in cities across Canada?

05:30 - Tell me a little bit about Tradle. What problem does Tradle address?

07:26 - How do you address this idea of fast fashion, and manufacturers not wanting to create long-lasting pieces as it doesn’t benefit them if people aren’t coming in to buy more pieces?

08:49 - How does Tradle differ from clothing rental models we’ve seen cropping up recently?

10:29 - Can you talk to us a little about how the revenue share business model is going to work for Tradle?

15:02 - How does Tradle’s value prop differ from what parents have already been doing in the hand-me-down economy?

17:48 - If you could write a letter to yourself from before you started your entrepreneurial journey, what would that letter say?

19:52 - As an entrepreneur, how do you prepare for the roller coaster of emotions, challenges, ups, and downs that entrepreneurship brings?

 21:58 - If you could go back in time, and do some things differently in terms of your entrepreneurial journey, what would you do differently?

24:29 - Have you been able to embed your core values into your own company culture yet?

25:16 - Do you have any plans right now to try to incorporate your core values into your company culture?

27:17 - What does success look like to you? How do you define success?

28:46 - If someone wanted to connect with Tradle, or with you directly, how could they do that?

30:45 - Outro

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