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EPISODE 86: Good Things Sprout from Venture Capital

Featuring Kristina Milke of Sprout.VC

For Episode 86 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Kristina Milke of Kristina is a founding partner of—a venture capital fund that focuses in empowering seed-stage B2B SaaS technology companies between Manitoba and British Columbia.

Our questions for today focus on the topic of what venture capitalists look for in the companies they invest in.


(0:58) Is there a reason you chose B2B SaaS as a specific style of business to invest in?

(1:55) What is your backstory—how did you get to where you are now?

(8:36) How did the pandemic change the funding landscape?

(10:16) How many funders do you typically have in your funds?

(10:40) What kind of investment level does it take to get into these funds?

(11:20) What makes an accredited investor?

(12:05) Your journey to this point has been filled with great opportunities and positions—is that typical for venture capital partners?

(15:12) What energizes you about this field?

(17:32) How do you decide which businesses to invest in?

(21:25) With these funds, is there a set number of companies you want to invest in?

(23:05) How long do you want to be invested in a company before you exit

(23:37) You mentioned looking for diversity in the founding group of an applicant—what does that diversity look like?

(25:00) When a company walks into the room, what are you looking for in their presentation? How far along do they need to be?

(27:55) For fans of Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, they will have seen the funders offer advice and day-to-day oversight of the company. Is that a part of your value proposition?

(29:51) Is venture capital a male-dominated industry?

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To connect with or to apply as a company, you can visit their website at, or contact! Thank you, Kristina, for joining us!

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