Warning: 8 Video Marketing Myths

Warning: If You Believe These 8 Video Marketing Myths, You’re Hindering the Success of Your Business.

Have you heard of or are you perhaps guilty of believing one or more of these video marketing myths?

Myth #1: It must go viral or it’s useless
Myth #2: Nobody will actually watch it
Myth #3: Its too complicated and difficult to produce
Myth #4: My message isn’t important enough to warrant a video
Myth #5: The more jampacked with information the better
Myth #6: I can only use it once
Myth #7: It’s too gimmicky and unprofessional
And finally…
Myth #8: My business doesn’t need it

If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. The use of video marketing, while growing in popularity, is still relatively new to some, so it’s understandable there would be doubts and misconceptions.

But it’s time to debunk these myths!

Read on to find out why each of these myths lacks credibility.

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Myth #1: My Video Must Go Viral
We’ve all recently heard of a video that has gone viral on the internet; everyone is watching it, tweeting it and talking about it, and once the hype dies down it’ll likely have well over a million hits on YouTube.

If a video about a grumpy looking cat can go viral so easily than your video can too…right?!

Wrong! Well sort of…if your video goes viral then rejoice, but don’t assume that by throwing it up randomly on your website it will automatically spread like wildfire and if by chance it doesn’t go viral, that it’s completely useless. Many of the viral videos have actually been online for years and only recently received mass exposure.

A video is an investment in your overall marketing strategy, so treat it like one. Put some thought into the purpose of your video, share it continuously with the public and develop an appropriate landing page for it.

Your video may not go viral but the return on investment you’ll experience through increased customer engagement, traffic and sales will make it more than worth it!

Myth #2: No One Will Watch ItMyth2

You know that famous saying, “if you build it, they will come”…well that definitely applies here.

As I mentioned above, if you slap your video up on some buried page of your website without an intentional strategy and assume your customers will just find it, you’re sadly mistaken.


A video is only powerful if people watch it, and they will if you make it accessible. One of the most powerful things about video is how versatile it is: email it, tweet it, post it to your website, to Facebook, YouTube, you name it…just get it out there!

So let me reiterate…if you send it, they WILL watch it!



Myth #3: It’s Too Complicated

Well sure it can be complicated and difficult, just like any business decision can be if you don’t conduct enough research, seek professional advice or fully understand your business needs.


Creating a video is easy if you do two things:

  1. Hire a professional company specializing in creating videos. They will make the process foolproof and provide their expert opinion for those areas you may need a little help with; and,
  2. Know what message you want to get out there. Don’t think you have a message? See Myth #4 below!

In fact, we want to show you just how easy creating a video really is so we’ve profiled one of our clients’ video creation process in a new series on the Amplomedia Google + page. Click here to check out all the behind-the-scenes action!

Myth #4: I Don’t Have a MessageMyth4

If you say you don’t have a message, I’ll say I don’t believe you. If you own a business, if you have a product, if you offer a service, heck if you just want to say hello, you still have a message.

And your message is important!

Video is proven to engage audiences more effectively than print, so why not convey your message in a way that will interest your audience enough to pay attention to it.


Myth5Myth #5: The More Information the Better

People today are moving at a faster-pace than they ever have and they want their information to be as quick as they are. That’s one reason video is so powerful.

Video can provide more information in less time than print and actually interests the audience in the process.

But (yes, there’s a but)…

People have limited attention spans. With all of the information competing for your audience’s attention in a day, your video needs to intrigue them and deliver the facts as quickly as possible while they are still captivated. A 5-minute video full of nothing but dry information is not going to accomplish this.

On the other hand, a 30 second video with entertaining graphics supporting your message, along with a call to action which drives your audience back to your website, will hold their attention, deliver your message, and increase your inbound marketing efforts.

Here’s more information on ideal video lengths.

Myth #6: One Time UseMyth6

This may be the saddest myth of them all. To even think about your video, your investment, your creativity, your message, only being used one is simply tragic.

I’ve said this once but I’ll say it again: video is versatile! A well-crafted video can be used on multiple platforms, multiple times.

Post it to your social media accounts today and again next month. Use it at the upcoming tradeshows you’re attending or the conference you’re presenting at. An extensive list of uses for your video can be found here.

Myth7Myth #7: It’s Too Gimmicky & Unprofessional

This is a possibility, yes, but only if you take a back seat in the process and leave full creative control to an inexperienced or unprofessional video creation company.

Do your research and hire a professional that specializes in video creation. This will ensure your company’s message, needs and level of professionalism are capture in your video.


Myth #8: Not For My BusinessMyth8

Ok I lied; THIS is the saddest myth of them all. If I haven’t convinced you yet as to the benefits of creating a video, let me review them again:

  • Increased audience engagement
  • Improved inbound marketing
  • Effectively conveys your message
  • Represents your business in an interesting way
  • Recurring opportunities for use
  • Appropriate for multiple platforms

I’ll be shocked if you’re still not convinced but just in case, head over to our website to see for yourself how captivating videos really are!

Now that we’ve systematically debunked each of these video marketing myths, you can feel good about starting your next video marketing project!