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Episode 148: Your Brand Marketing

Featuring Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing

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For Episode 148 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Ben Baker, the founder and CEO of Your Brand Marketing. Ben is also a seasoned podcaster, with 350 episodes of his current show, the Your Living Brand Live Show, under his belt. In our discussion with Ben, he talks us through the three things he thinks every entrepreneur should know, how he started Your Brand Marketing and a lot about podcasts.

To learn more, visit the Your Brand Marketing website, and check out Ben’s current podcasts here.


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0:00 - Intro

3:28 - Three things every entrepreneur needs to know.

5:25 - What is Your Brand Marketings’ ‘Why’?

9:47 - What solution do you offer?

11:20 - Communication - Are things getting better or worse?

13:53 - Have companies improved communications by leveraging tech?

17:17 - How to effectively use data.

20:33 - What adjustments have you made to consulting?

26:07 - Work from home communication styles.

27:55 - The internal podcasting process.

36:18 - The ideal internal podcast formula.

40:10 - Connect with Your Brand Marketing.

40:32 - Outro

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