Four Types of Marketing Videos

If you’ve landed on this page you’re likely a business owner involved in some aspect of a marketing strategy aimed at generating leads…am I right? Thought so.

And, if you’ve read any marketing material online lately you’ve likely heard of the incredible impact video has on consumer brand engagement and its rapidly increasing usage in a multitude of marketing functions…I’m right again, aren’t I?

If everything I’ve said above is correct you should now be considering how you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy! A good place to start is gaining a solid understanding of some of the types of videos that could fit well with your business, your marketing strategy and your message.

Let’s start by breaking down the most common videos businesses utilize: the explainer, the demo, the promo and the teaser.

The Explainer – these types of videos are designed to effectively explain something specific about the business, it’s products or it’s services. Explainer videos tend to be the longest in length as they provide important detail about a specific topic. Generally, the length should be approx. 2 minutes or less to ensure it holds the attention of the audience. The overall purpose of an explainer video is to provide context around your business/product/service in an entertaining way.

These videos work well when posted on a website and social media platforms, used as part of an email or drip campaign, and for tradeshows and presentations.

This video we created for Kickpoint is a great example of a well executed explainer video:

The Demo – these videos take the information typically provided in an explainer video to a deeper level. A demo video will focus specifically on one product or service offered by the business and provide a demonstration of how the particular product or service works. This creates more of an experience for the customer as they get to see the product in action!

Demo videos are quite often used in tradeshows, presentations, sales pitches, and for further information on the company’s website.

We’re really happy about how our own demo video turned out and the response we’ve received from our clients:

The Promo – unlike explainer and demo videos, promo videos are quite a bit shorter; usually about 30 seconds in length. The purpose for this is to provide just enough information to peak the interest of the viewer and encourage them to find out more. Consider starting with an interesting fact or question to hook them, then offer a bit of related information and now tell the viewer what you’d like them to do (ie. head to our website, give us a call, etc.). Post it to a website, send it out via social media and email it to clients to make the best use of this video type!

Simplex created a set of four promo videos highlighting a problem their target market typically encounters. Check out this one:

The Teaser – these videos are like a promo video but even shorter. Think of it as an elevator sales pitch: you have 20 seconds or less to peak the interest of the audience and leave them wanting more. While sometimes tricky to do, they are incredibly effective when used in email, drip and social media campaigns to drive traffic back to a website.

Try and tell me you weren’t intrigued after watching UWalk’s teaser video:

Each of these types of videos have their own style and advantages but one thing is for sure, when used effectively each of these videos will have a positive impact on your marketing strategy. So which video type could be best used by your company? How would you incorporate it into your marketing strategy?

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